Extract, Extract… Read all about it!

‘Tis the season for baking, or if you prefer, eating those delicious baked goods! Many recipes call for deliciously flavored extracts or baking powder to make cookies and cakes amazing! Have you ever thought about where people during the turn of the century got their baking supplies from? Probably not…A better question is- What does baking extracts have to do […]

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White Wing’s Adventure

After the Native American group, Elliot’s Praying Indians, left Magunco Hill (now High Street) the land was open to settlers. One of the first families to take up residence was David Woodwell of Beverly. He married a local girl named Mary Carly and they raised their family (3 boys and a girl) on the hill. The daughter, also named Mary, […]

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What’s in a Name?

I love driving around town reading street names. Some names are easy to figure out; Church Court, for example, used to be the location of the Methodist Church (the one Jessie Foote climbed). Others are family names of important people from Ashland’s history; Higley, for example, but who was he? Then there are the street names that are a total […]

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