The Starting Line

Unless you are a dyed-in-the-wool running fan or an Ashland resident, most people know the Boston Marathon as a 26.2 mile run from Hopkinton to Boston. For the locals, we know it all began in Ashland on Pleasant St. across from Metcalf’s Mill in 1897. With all the “repurposing” going on lately it comes as no surprise that the line […]

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Ashland in 1909

Ashland was a mere 63 years old in 1909. Much like our sister communities we created our own identity with churches, schools, businesses and civic organizations. The Ashland Historical Society was founded in 1909. Although it existed as the Home Study Club, the Society didn’t officially exist until 12 members signed an Agreement of Association in Judge Higley’s office on […]

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The General Store

There is a piece of Ashland history that played a huge role in my life; The Ashland General Store- or if you prefer; The Ashland News Store! Originally located on Main Street where Lunkers is today. This old red building was built in 1835 and was intended for residential and commercial businesses- some things never change. If you look at […]

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