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Be a part of Ashland's history by joining the Ashland Historical Society.



Below is the schedule of Upcoming Events at the Ocean House that, unless otherwise noted, are open (& free) to the public and start at 2PM on the following Sundays. Additional programs are planned for society members, so please refer to your newsletter for details. We look forward to seeing you there!



Upcoming Historical Society Events

October 15th, 2017

Dee Morris, Local Historian & Author, Presents

Reaching into the Beyond:  Victorian Spiritualism in Greater Boston

Spiritualists of the 19th century believed that they could communicate with those who had "passed away". Mediums provided a tangible means of connecting with deceased loved ones.  It was a joyful, confident middle class movement that brought great peace to many in Greater Boston.  Of course, there were charlatans whose main objective was to take advantage of people seeking definite answers to questions about eternity. Spiritualism offered so much, but believers had to be very careful!

This movement had special meaning for parents who had lost children at early ages. It was a way to connect with them, know that they were safe and keep in touch as they continued to mature.


November 12th, 2017

John Galluzzo, Local Historian & Author, Presents

Massachusetts Aviation History


December 2017

Annual Dinner for Historical Society Volunteers

Date, Time and Venue to be Announced


January 21st, 2018

Judith Kalaora, Character Actress & Historical Interpreter, Presents

Unsung Heroines of World War II


February 18th, 2018

Bryan Farr, History Buff & Author, Presents

Historic US Route 20


March 18th, 2018

Carl Hakansson, Framingham State University, Presents

Indian Country in the 21st Century


April 2018

Joint Program with Hopkinton Historical Society

(Ashland and Hopkinton Society Members Only)


May 2018

Annual End of the Year Business Meeting and Potluck

for Society Members

Date and Time to be Announced

            All Events are subject to date changes and/or cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen events.

Changes and cancellations will be posted on this site and emailed to Society members.